Remembrance Day 2021 – Remembering the Animal Victims of War with the Purple Poppy

Remembrance Day 2021 – Remembering the Animal Victims of War with the Purple Poppy

Every year in November, many of us choose to wear a red poppy to represent and show respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice when fighting in war.

Not many people know that are several coloured poppies that have different meanings, but all show solidarity in allowing us to remember fallen hero’s whether they be human or animal.

The purple poppy is an alternative to the traditional red poppy of the Royal British Legion. The red poppy symbolises the human lives which have made the ultimate sacrifice in war where as the purple poppy recognises animals that have been the victims of war. The purple poppy was introduced by the charity Animal Aid in 2006  and felt the animals that die at war are often forgotten.

From horses to dogs and even pigeons, throughout history animals had a pivotal role in war supporting humans. There is a need that their service and sacrifice should be acknowledged with the purple poppy. The Purple Poppy Appeal is run by the War Horse Memorial with donations going to a selection of animal related causes. The poppies come in a variety of styles, from knitted, paper, pin badge and wristbands and can be worn by both humans and animals.

How can I get a purple poppy?

You can buy the poppies via the links on Murphy’s Army’s website.

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